Meta Three Used for Virtual Productions

The Meta Three camera is being used in virtual productions all around the world. Due to its large resolution, 10 bit quality and professional feature set, cinematographers around the world are requesting its use on set. It is perfect for capturing background plates that allow for re-framing and re-shooting of scenes in studio rather than on location.

Our cameras are now in use by Sky and Netflix in the UK and are being used for other cinematic projects internationally. We have rental partners around the world who are seeing a large uptake in virtual studio productions that has been trailblazed by series such as the Mandalorian.


It’s the 12.5k resolution of the Meta Three, coupled with high dynamic range and exceptional low light performance that allows directors to capture real locations and bring them back to studio in glorious levels of detail.

If you would like to use a Meta Three for your next VP, get in touch, you can buy, rent or have us handle the whole production.