Meta Camera Stream 3D 360 VR from the Comedy Store

Working for Pico VR and Pixie Ventures we produced a series of live streamed VR shows from the Comedy Store in London. Pico required 3D, 360 video content so we had to build a new rig just for this purpose!

Meta 2 3D 360 Camera The Meta 2 3D has an inter axial distance that perfectly matches that of the human eye, giving a perfectly comfortable stereoscopic experience. The camera was placed at the front row of the crowd, giving the best seat in the house.

Pico managed to get an amazing line up for the shows, Russel Kane, Reginald D Hunter and Ed Byrne to name but a few. The streams were weekly on a fri night and the shows lasted over an hour.

Thanks to the unique design of the Meta 2 3D we were able to stream and capture comfortable, high dynamic range footage from the low light of the comedy store.

The rig makes the perfect setup for capturing gigs or events where the camera can be mounted on the stage edge or anywhere with talent on one side and crowd on the other.

The show was also captured with ambisonic audio too, allowing you to pinpoint the audio with the same clarity and direction as the visuals.

The team at the Comedy Store