360 Video in Virtual Production Meta Camera

Meta Camera used on ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’

April 12, 2023

Meta Cameras are being used in virtual productions internationally. One of the latest projects to go live is the Hollywood production ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’. This film used a number of scenes with a helicopter flying over ‘Vietnam’. The 360 footage was actually shot over Thailand on a drone and then used in a…

Pico Comedy Store 3D 360 Video

Meta Camera Stream 3D 360 VR from the Comedy Store

March 14, 2023

Working for Pico VR and Pixie Ventures we produced a series of live streamed VR shows from the Comedy Store in London. Pico required 3D, 360 video content so we had to build a new rig just for this purpose! The Meta 2 3D has an inter axial distance that perfectly matches that of the…

Meta Three Virtual Production

Meta Three Used for Virtual Productions

September 14, 2022

The Meta Three camera is being used in virtual productions all around the world. Due to its large resolution, 10 bit quality and professional feature set, cinematographers around the world are requesting its use on set. It is perfect for capturing background plates that allow for re-framing and re-shooting of scenes in studio rather than…

Eden Project 5G VR Team

Vertically Rising 360 Camera at the Eden Universe Project

September 27, 2021

We’re still working hard over at the Eden Project in Cornwall, installing more Meta Cameras and setting them up for constantly live streaming over 5G! So far we have six cameras connected and streaming and are working on setting up and installing the last three. Below you can see a picture of our ‘vertical camera’…


Virtual 360 Production

May 24, 2021

Meta have just completed a ground breaking virtual production – a 360 film shoot that was remotely operated and produced from another country. Thanks to both Covid and Brexit shenanigans, our team could not all travel to Barcelona for a shoot with a 100 piece orchestra. However, as our Meta Cameras live stream over 360…

Jason Glenister VR Director

Meta and the Rise of Cinematic 360

January 28, 2021

Guest post by Jason Glenister, VR Director at Visualise. I count myself very fortunate to have worked at all last year, considering the chaotic world-wide situation. But as a Director I was also lucky to have experienced a shift in film-making possibilities, shooting with the new Meta camera. Two full-glass opposed lenses and perfectly balanced…

Eden Universe 5G

5G Award to Meta Camera and the Eden Project

January 12, 2021

The Eden Project, META Camera, Marshmallow Laser Feast and AQL combine, winning one of the government’s 5G testbed program positions. We will be connecting people virtually to the Eden Project through next generation, 5G enabled, 360 video cameras. The cameras, will be pushing streams at up to and over 8K resolutions from around the site,…