At Meta Camera we also build completely bespoke solutions.


For special projects that need higher resolutions, stereoscopic (3D), something lighter or tougher, then we can build it from scratch and to spec.

Meta 12k


We were given the tough challenge of live VR streaming a series of comedy gigs in the dark basement of the Comedy Store in London. The streams had to be 3D - so we built this custom camera system to capture perfect 3D of the stage looking forwards and the audience looking back.

Meta Camera 3D 360

META TWO 3D - Features

Yes, it's stereoscopic, well perfectly stereoscopic looking forwards and backwards, falling to mono on the sides. This was the perfect solution for us as we had key action in front and behind the camera and not to the sides. The result gives a super clean and really comfortable 3D experience.

Meta Camera Two 3D

The interaxial distance of the M2 3D is 62mm which allows for perfectly comfortable stereoscopic footage. The camera was specifically designed with this in mind, meaning you can get up close and personal with your subjects.

IPD Meta 2 3D

The lenses on the Meta Two 3D are close together, making stitching between the front and rear lenses relatively easy and the result clean and subtle. Compared to other back to back systems based on full size camera bodies back to back this is a synch to stitch!


As with all our cameras, the Meta Two 3D can record footage in ProRes 422. That’s important, not just in pixel quality but in colour detail. You can get that cinematic quality from the grade. You can also shoot in high bitrate h265.


The Meta Two 3D can live stream in 6k 3D either through its ethernet port or HDMI ports using 3rd party software such as Voysys; locally for a 'director's view' or online to YouTube, Facebook or private servers.

The image to the right is our setup from the live streams at the Comedy Store for Pico in 2023.

Meta Camera Live Streaming at the Comedy Store

We have a Meta Controller for Desktop/Surface Tablet for both PC and Mac. The controller gives you granular control over the camera, from choosing variable framerate settings, picture profiles, encoding options, focus, full shutter, WB and ISO controls along with a whole host of other settings and features.

We show you battery voltage, camera temperature and quick shortcuts to the key features you will want to adjust quickly.

Controller full portrait

You can record at any frame rate you choose up to 120fps. However, when you go beyond 60fps you have to move to high bitrate H265 and introduce a hole at the top and bottom of the equirectangular - this may be fine for static camera positions as the holes are easily patched.


360 cameras suffer from small sensors and therefore poor quality in low light, not ours! We fitted four whopping Sony IMX299 4k sensors to our rig, meaning great detail and a high noise floor. It’s just how it should be with any camera, let alone a 360 one.

Head to our footage area below and have a look at some examples.


META TWO 3D - Features

We hate small internal batteries that don’t last so we built the camera to work with V-Lock batteries - the industry standard for pro shooters. Simply plug in to our solid LEMO socket and get rolling.

The camera has four HDMI sockets, for uncompressed live 4k DCI output in beautiful 10bit 4:2:2 at up to 60fps during recording. Four USB C connectors for storage extension, a gigabit port for wired camera control and live streaming in 10bit h265 at up to 200Mbps per second.


META TWO 3d - Other Features

The Meta Two 3D can accept four channels of audio, meaning you can record from ambisonic microphones, in sync, directly to the cards.

Through our simple, intuitive, app you can control everything from exposure through shutter speed, white-balance and more.

There are no fans or moving parts in the camera that generate noise, heat is dissipated via the full aluminium chassis. This means it can be used with orchestras or other audio sensitive environments.

All four sensors are line-level syncronised, meaning action/motion shots will always seamlessly stitch.

With 15 stops of dynamic range, you can preserve detail in both shadows and highlights in all but the most challenging situations.

Working closely with the ultimate stitching program, Mistika VR, footage can be stitched in no time at all, allowing you to focus on creative.

No Hyperbole

The META Two 3D is 6k by 6k 3D @60fps. The 3D is really natural and looks great.

The lenses are sharp and the colour space is spot on, get in touch for a hire or purchase quote and check out the footage below to see for yourself!



This is footage from the Comedy Store, it's our edit from the three episodes that were streamed in 3D for Pico. We've stitched the footage with Mistika VR but that's it, it's as it was shot, enjoy!

Here's 10min of our favourite parts from the Pico live comedy gigs at the Comedy Store in Soho.

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Over the years we have been challenged to make a lot of different immersive camera systems, including this 12k 'Planar' Meta Camera which captured the 2018 FA Cup Final.

Meta 12k

12k Planar Camera

Over the years we have been challenged to make a lot of different immersive camera systems, including this 12k 'Planar' Meta Camera which captured the 2018 FA Cup Final. The gif to the right shows how you could zoom in to the footage, following passages of play dynamically.