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Virtual Production

Background  Plates



Content for Virtual Production Studios

The latest generation of Meta Cameras is built with virtual production studios in mind. The Meta Three can capture footage at up to 12.5k resolution, making it perfect for large LED Walls.

Crucially, as the lenses are close together and the form factor is far smaller than large arrays, it stitches together completely seamlessly. It is far easier to create immersive content for virtual productions with our cameras AND it gives better results.


360 Video in Virtual Production Meta Camera

Driving PLates

We have a custom setup that we use for our driving plates, with a stabilised gimbal which can be fitted to any dedicated production vehicle. We are able to capture incredibly smooth plates from any location internationally, having already captured plates all over Europe, the UK and US.

Driving Plates 360 Video

Thanks to the 'low-parralax' of our cameras (the lenses are incredibly closely arrayed) it is very easy to 'stitch' the content in to a seamless 360 degree video. This means that the footage is perfect from any angle and can be filmed in perfect focus from within the studio.

M3 Parallax

As with all of our setups, we can film in ProRes 422 and in LOG, meaning you can grade to get the exact same look as your main production cameras.


We have a Meta Controller for Desktop/Surface Tablet for both PC and Mac. The controller gives you granular control over the camera, from choosing variable framerate settings, picture profiles, encoding options, focus, full shutter, WB and ISO controls along with a whole host of other settings and features.

We show you battery voltage, camera temperature and quick shortcuts to the key features you will want to adjust quickly.

Controller full portrait

Meta Camera does not just supply the cameras. We are also able to provide production services and help in the planning, capture and post-production of your content.

The image to the right shows the Meta Three with a Ronin 2 gimbal on the back of a specialised production ready Mini Cooper.

Setting up 360 camera for VP


Everything on this page is shot on our camera. We’re tired of taking leaps of faith and looking at examples from sun drenched locations that would suit even an action cam. These are real world examples, watch on YouTube (please select the highest quality!!), download the footage, have a look for yourself.

Here's 50s from a shoot we did with the Philarmonia Orchestra in London. Select '8k' in YouTube and have a look at the sharpness and dynamic range in the shot. All shot Rec709. Relatively close and seamless stitching of the musicians around the camera too.

Download Stitched 12k Footage (1.54Gb)

Download Stitched 8k Footage for Quest 2 (569Mb)

This is footage from the 'look-out' camera at the top of the Eden Project's Rainforest Biome. Slung upside down on an active gimbal this is a short piece of footage, zoom in to spot the people and the waterfall!

Download Stitched 12k Footage (2Gb)

Download Stitched 8k Footage for Quest 2 (832Mb)

This is some test footage we shot, driving along some London roads, you can download it in Rec709 or LOG.

Download Stitched 12k Footage, Rec709 (5.3Gb)

Download Stitched 12k Footage, LOG (7Gb)

Download Stitched 8k Footage for Quest 2, Rec709 (1.5Gb)

Venice Raw Footage

This is some test footage, shot in LA download it in LOG and try to stitch for yourself.

Source Footage Folder


If you need content for a virtual production and would like to discuss using a Meta Camera or our services, then please, drop us a line below.

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