Meta Productions on Set

Professional 360 Content Production

Working with the best technology, operators and developers

Remote Control Dollys and Operation

Remote Control Dollys and Operation

Using our own Mantis Rover dolly system and experienced operators we are able to capture dynamic 360 content

Live On Set Preview

Live On Set Preview

We can setup live VR views from the camera and have multiple capture streams and review points

Automotive 360 Specialists

Automotive 360 Specialists

We have a huge amount of experience shooting 360 video in and on cars

META Productions

Meta Productions are the content creation arm of Meta Camera. Setup by Henry Stuart and Sebastian Hagemeister, we each have our own production companies, Visualise and Krafted respectively. Together though, we pool our knowledge and resources.

So if you need to produce 360 content, pre-recorded or live, we can organise the entire production, right through to app development to deliver that content.

We have worked with some of the world's highest profile brands and agencies, in the UK, Europe and further afield. If peerless quality and a hugely experienced team is what you are looking for, then drop us a line.


360 Video Productions

Philharmonia Orchestra

" When we saw the footage, our jaws dropped to the floor: it was beyond anything we could have expected. I never dreamed that we could get quality like this in 360 - it's miles ahead of anything else out there " - Marta Genova

Abaco Digital

" I'm really impressed, it's just the best 360 camera I have used, and I have used a whole lot of them..." - Ignacio Ferrando


" I suddenly leapt from simply 'showing' a location or scene in a headset, to beautifully visualising how a place or moment feels. The light quality was reproduced exactly as I'd seen it with my own eyes, even dust motes captured drifting in the air. The Meta held that quality in almost all times of day or night - including just available fire-light in the inky desert. The stars could also be seen up in the thick black dome of sky above the firelight. " - Jason Glenister


Meta Productions Clients

Case Study

Working with Saatchi & Saatchi, ETC and Caviaar we provided all of the tech, AR layers, 360 Streaming, Apps etc for the recent TV ad with the band Bastille.

Here's the behind the scenes, showing you some of the technology and the scale of the production involved in pulling this hugely challenging project together.

This is the original 60s TV ad, there were two principle experiences - on location with the band, an AR app that overlaid the animations in sync with the actual live performance and an app for remote locations where people could see that same content but overlaid on a live 360 stream and accessed by walking through a portal.

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