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Philharmonia Orchestra

" When we saw the footage, our jaws dropped to the floor: it was beyond anything we could have expected. I never dreamed that we could get quality like this in 360 - it's miles ahead of anything else out there " - Marta Genova

Abaco Digital

" I'm really impressed, it's just the best 360 camera I have used, and I have used a whole lot of them..." - Ignacio Ferrando


" I suddenly leapt from simply 'showing' a location or scene in a headset, to beautifully visualising how a place or moment feels. The light quality was reproduced exactly as I'd seen it with my own eyes, even dust motes captured drifting in the air. The Meta held that quality in almost all times of day or night - including just available fire-light in the inky desert. The stars could also be seen up in the thick black dome of sky above the firelight. " - Jason Glenister

Meta - Pioneering Immersive Technology

Meta specialise in both the hardware creation and services/production that surround the creation of immersive content. We make kickass 360 cameras and technology and we can produce or support large scale 360 and VR productions.

Within our team we have more collective years of immersive content production than any other specialist. We have built camera systems for 12k footage capture of the FA Cup, 360 cameras that are dotted throughout rainforest biomes at Eden, 5G enabled TV adverts for EE and much much more.

We are the go to place for anything hardware/software or service based in the emerging immersive world.


Meta Camera - Professional 360 Video Cameras

If you are a pro 360 content creator or working on a 360 video project, then you are in the right place. We specialise in high end VR camera production, rental and all of the services around them. The cameras are game changing - ProRes, 422 colourspace, huge control, compatibility with ambisonic mics and much more.

We have the Meta One (the big boy), the Meta Two (smaller but still punchy) and a host of special projects and the ability to custom build to your requirements. e.g. our 12k panoramic pitch cam we built for the FA Cup final.

We rent and sell the cameras, so you can have a good play before buying, see how stunning these cameras can make your projects look! We also operate as an immersive production house should you need a more complex and complete service.

Meta Two Camera Side

No Hyperbole

The proof is in the pudding, just look at the comparison below, Meta, side by side with Kandao.

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