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Meta Three High Resolution 360 Video Camera

The Story

We love the Meta One and the Meta Two, they both have perfect use cases and are well tried and tested workhorses. Sometimes though, you just need more RESOLUTION!

Looking at the new industry of virtual productions, projection domes, new VR headsets and an increase in shooting 360 for 'overcapture' (16x9 output)... We knew we needed more pixels.

The Meta Three not only has 12.5k resolution but it is SHARP, the detail from this camera is amazing. Also, it's highly controllable - we can set the focus and aperture digitally and on the fly!

Drop us a note on the contact form or give us a call, we'd love to show you. Otherwise, read on below for some of the key features of this awesome new camera.

Meta Three Camera LA


That's right, 12.5k resolution from four portrait orientated 6k sensors shooting open gate and with high quality glass. The data is saved on to four CFast 2.0 cards or four SSD's attached via USB-C. You'll need a Varjo headset, giant screens/projectors or a ride in the Doc Brown's Delorean to make the most of it though!

Meta Three Example Zoom

There is no better formation for getting four lenses close. We've got them so close in fact that they stich beautifully. Also, as these lenses are so sharp all across the plane, they look fantastic wherever on the overlap you choose to stitch them.

M3 Parallax

As with the Meta One and Two, this camera can record footage in ProRes 422. That’s important, not just in pixel quality but in colour detail. You can get that cinematic quality from the grade. You can also shoot in high bitrate h265.


The Meta Three can live stream in 8k either through its ethernet port or HDMI ports using 3rd party software such as Voysys; locally for a 'director's view' or online to YouTube, Facebook or private servers.

Meta Camera Live Streaming

We have a Meta Controller for Desktop/Surface Tablet for both PC and Mac. The controller gives you granular control over the camera, from choosing variable framerate settings, picture profiles, encoding options, focus, full shutter, WB and ISO controls along with a whole host of other settings and features.

We show you battery voltage, camera temperature and quick shortcuts to the key features you will want to adjust quickly.

Meta Three Controller

This is the first of the Meta Cameras to have full electronic focus and aperture control, featuring individual lens focus, plus reset to pre-set settings. Also, the aperture is controllable between f3.5 to f22. The lenses are calibrated to default to infinity focus and if you shoot at f/5.6 no focus adjustment should be necessary anyway!

Meta Three Lens

360 cameras suffer from small sensors and therefore poor quality in low light, not ours! We fitted a whopping four back illuminated Super 35mm, dual native ISO, 6k sensors. This means great detail and a high noise floor. It’s just how it should be with any camera, let alone a 360 one.

Head to our footage area and have a look at some examples.



We hate small internal batteries that don’t last so we built the camera to work with V-Lock batteries - the industry standard for pro shooters. Simply plug in to our solid LEMO socket and get rolling.

The camera has four HDMI sockets, for uncompressed live 4k DCI output in beautiful 10bit 4:2:2 during recording. Four USB C connectors for storage extension, a gigabit port for wired camera control and live streaming.

We've added a new sync port to our camera, allowing you to connect another or multiple cameras. For example, this would be great for shooting from drones - having a fifth lens on top of the UAV and making post-production seamless.

Meta Three Base

Other Features

The Meta Three can accept two channels of audio, via mini XLR, in sync, directly to the cards. Or you can use the internal mics for 'scratch' / sync audio.

We have an additional port at the bottom of the camera, allowing it to be controlled via serial commands. This could be used when the camera is on a drone or wildlife shoots where it could be paired with a motion detector for example.

There are no fans or moving parts in the camera that generate noise, heat is dissipated via the full aluminium chassis. This means it can be used with orchestras or other audio sensitive environments.

All four sensors are line-level syncronised, meaning action/motion shots will always seamlessly stitch.

With 14 stops of dynamic range, you can preserve detail in both shadows and highlights in all but the most challenging situations.

Working closely with the ultimate stitching program, Mistika VR, footage can be stitched in no time at all, allowing you to focus on creative.

No Hyperbole

The META Three is a professional 360 camera with a resolution of 12.5K  on an equirectangular projection @30fps. The four lenses have great overlap and cover the full 360 by 180 degree sphere.

It is crazy sharp and the colour space is spot on, get in touch, we'd love to show you!

Meta Camera Three In Studio


Everything on this page is shot on our camera. We’re tired of taking leaps of faith and looking at examples from sun drenched locations that would suit even an action cam. These are real world examples, watch on YouTube (please select the highest quality!!), download the footage, have a look for yourself.

Here's 50s from a shoot we did with the Philarmonia Orchestra in London. Select '8k' in YouTube and have a look at the sharpness and dynamic range in the shot. All shot Rec709. Relatively close and seamless stitching of the musicians around the camera too.

Download Stitched 12k Footage (1.54Gb)

Download Stitched 8k Footage for Quest 2 (569Mb)

This is footage from the 'look-out' camera at the top of the Eden Project's Rainforest Biome. Slung upside down on an active gimbal this is a short piece of footage, zoom in to spot the people and the waterfall!

Download Stitched 12k Footage (2Gb)

Download Stitched 8k Footage for Quest 2 (832Mb)

This is some test footage we shot, driving along some London roads, you can download it in Rec709 or LOG.

Download Stitched 12k Footage, Rec709 (5.3Gb)

Download Stitched 12k Footage, LOG (7Gb)

Download Stitched 8k Footage for Quest 2, Rec709 (1.5Gb)

Venice Raw Footage

This is some test footage, shot in LA download it in LOG and try to stitch for yourself.

Source Footage Folder


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The META Cameras are custom built. If you’re interested in owning or renting part of the VR industry’s best kept secret then fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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