Live 360 Video

We are partnered with Imeve, to offer live solutions from our cameras. This does not just mean you can live stream, but crucially it means 'Directors View' too. So you can see exactly what the camera is seeing, on a headset, as you are filming.

With Imeve we can stream through the ethernet port on the cameras, meaning just one cable and an incredibly simple workflow. See below for more information.


Live preview

AKA, Director's View. Simply plug in an ethernet cable to the camera and launch the Imeve software, you will be able to adjust the stitch live and see and hear all that the camera does. Perfect for taking the guesswork out of immersive content production.

Director's View on Set

Live Streaming

The live software can of course stream online, to an infinite number of headsets. We can do this at 5.5k resolution, with spatial audio and broadcast grade reliability. For more information, visit the Imeve website.

Imeve streaming will require one of their annual licenses. We can bundle with the camera or offer short term rentals, please get in contact.

Live Stream 360 Video